Rico – Corella Cockatoo


Name: Rico
Status : Available
​Specie : Corella Cockatoo
​Age : 5 Months
​Sex : Male
Tamed : Yes
Tested: DNA
vet checked ✅



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Licmetis is a subgenus of the white cockatoos (genus Caparrotua). They are collectively known as corellas in Australia. Three of the six species are primarily – or only – found in Australia, while the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Solomons each have an endemic species. They are relatively small cockatoos and – unlike the members of the subgenus Caparrotua – all have pale bills. While most show yellow-tinged underwings and some red to the face, none has conspicuously coloured crests.

Origin and History

This white cockatoo is native to Australia and southern New Guinea. The bird was first described and cataloged by English ornithologist John Gold in 1843.

In the wild, their preferred habitat ranges from arid deserts to coastal plains; these birds rarely live in thick forests. You can also find bare-eyed cockatoos in urban areas and agricultural zones. They are so prevalent that they create a nuisance.


With a reputation for being goofy and clownish, the bare-eyed cockatoo usually is a very social bird that loves to play and interact with its owners.Intelligent and friendly, bare-eyed cockatoos make excellent pets for experienced bird owners who would like a cockatoo but don’t have the space to keep one of the larger species. These birds can learn to perform tricks and love to hang upside down.In general, cockatoos are among the more difficult birds to keep, due to its reputation as a “velcro bird” (sticking to their owners). However, many owners love this endearing quality; it’s a wonderfully affectionate bird that will even cuddle with you.

Speech and Vocalizations

Among the cockatoos, this species is the best at mimicking human speech. It is common for a bare-eyed cockatoo to spontaneously mimic the vocal patterns of every member of the family. While cockatoos are known for being one of the loudest of the parrots, these little corellas are slightly less talkative in comparison.


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